Adam Hutchison

I started slinging Ruby in 2007 & never looked back. I enjoy sharing what I've learned & helping people avoid the same mistakes I've made.

Adam Hutchison is usually available:
Mondays 8pm - midnight
Tuesdays 8pm - midnight
Wednesdays 8pm - midnight
Thursdays 8pm - midnight
Sundays 1pm - 7pm
times are (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Alain Achkar

Tutor who loves teaching. I've helped 100+ students succeed. 18 years of S/W dev experience. 2+ years of Rails experience.

Andy Lindeman

I work at Highgroove Studios, blog at andylindeman.com, and hack at github.com/alindeman. I use Ruby and Rails daily. I also enjoy helping folks on various IRC (freenode) channels.

Anthony Hudson

I love helping people and I want to learn as I work.

Austen Ito

HungryAcademy cadet @livingsocial in DC. Learning the Ruby and the Rails. Feel free to also ask questions about Hungry Academy.

Avrohom Katz

I have been working with ruby for 6 years and have worked on several production rails site. I have worked at Engine Yard for 3 years as an application support engineer.

Barnett Klane

Self taught developer love to learn new things. Run web development shop doing work across the stack.

Bobby Wilson

I've worked with Rails for a long time. I am patient, and a pretty nice guy.

Brian Bommarito

Long time Rails user (Since 2005). Built about 7 apps with Rails, and have experience up to 3.1.0

Brian Cicutti

I'm an active Ruby/Rails developer (https://github.com/rantingsonrails) with active rails projects (http://jibecast.com)

Brian Glusman

Loved this when I heard about it, just thought I may as well offer to help too.

Brian Parks

I'm always eager to assist those looking for help in working through a problem. I am new to Rails and am probably facing many of the same challenges as the caller, so I have a peer-like frame of reference.


I'm a professional Rails trainer, offering tutoring, pairing, and emergency services. I love introducing the power of Rails to new devs!

Chap Ambrose

I've been developing in rails for the past few years at a variety of startups, nonprofits and consultancies.

Chap Ambrose is usually available:
Thursdays 2pm - 4pm
times are (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Daniel Kent

I started learning Rails with ZERO programming experience. 16 months experience. Created: http://GiggleTrigger.com

Drew Blas

I have no real life except for reading and learning everything I can about Rails.

Edward Anderson

I've been a rubyist since 2008 and absolutely love it. I write JRuby for On-Site.com and freelance part-time (nilbus.com). I enjoy helping beginners and troubleshooting perplexing problems.

Elise Worthy

Witty jokes on demand!

Erik Michaels-Ober

I've been working with Ruby and Rails professionally since 2006. I maintain over a dozen Ruby gems and have contributed patches to the Rails codebase.

Ethan Soutar-Rau

2 years with ruby/rails. Got started rescuing a very broken app, but liked rails and stuck with it.

Fiona Tay

I'm a full stack dev at Airbnb, formerly of Pivotal Labs! I love teaching and I worked at a hotline in college, tutoring HS kids over the phone (http://hhotline.hmc.edu/)

Greg Gershman

I've been working with Rails for over three years and use it daily; I work independently as a consultant so I'm used to figuring stuff out.

Jack Hoge

I've been working with Ruby for 3 years. Before that, I was a math and writing tutor. I'm patient, have plenty of one-on-one experience, and can simplify my explanations for many levels.

James Miller

Oodles of Rails dev experience, guides author/contributor, and I enjoy helping others understand it.

James Naadjie

I have 5 years experience as a application support analyst and I love Rails.

Jearvon Dharrie

I am pretty comfortable with rails, ruby, js. I can help with beginner/intermediate questions. I don't mind brainstorming a difficult question!

Jeff Casimir

Johnathon Wright

I'm an independent consultant using Ruby on Rails to empower small businesses and NASA.

Johnathon Wright is usually available:
Wednesdays 2pm - 6pm
times are (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

John Glass

I've been a Rubyist/Rails hacker for going on 2 years, developing a web app for a startup I'm involved with, also taking side projects.

John Lannon

I've dabbled with Ruby for 5 years, but have been working daily with Ruby for 2 years. Still, I admit that my knowledge of Ruby is dwarfed by my ignorance of the language. I'm wise enough to know that it's counter-productive to be a know-it-all. I find that helping others understand a concept only strengthens my understanding.

Jonah Ruiz

I run my own Rails Shop (PixelHipsters) in Puerto Rico and I've been writing Ruby and Rails code everyday for the last 3 years non-stop. I also develop and maintain a few ruby gems. PS: I speak spanish! Te puedo ayudar con Rails :)

Jonah Ruiz is usually available:
Saturdays 10am - 2pm
Sundays 5am - 7am
times are (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Jonathan Frias

I'm been doing rails for a few months now.

Jonathan Julian

I've been building Rails apps since 1.2.3. Wow, that's like over 4 years!

Jordan Fowler

I'm a people person, not just a great programmer!

Joseph Jaber

Expert Rails developer versed in all Rails versions. I write Ruby gems and work with popular libraries / practices on a daily basis. I'm also patient and pleased to help!

Josh Starcher

Been working with rails since 0.9. I don't know everything, but probably enough to give back a little.

Justin Campbell

Keith Gaddis

Rails exp > 5yrs; Teacher of Rails/BDD classes; active in AustinOnRails community; enjoy mentoring.

Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene

I have a significant grasp of 0-to-deploy details as well as a lot of knowledge of errors, error stripdown, and edge case situations.

Mat Brown

I've been a Rails developer for three years, and have acted as a Ruby mentor to several colleagues who, while talented programmers, had their first exposure to Ruby and Rails when joining up with my company.

Mat Schaffer

I run Mashion, a DevOps and Ruby consultancy. I also teach Rails for UPenn and TechGirlz.

Michael Hayes

I know more about rails than someone who doesn't know anything about Rails.

Michael Hoffman

Use Rails everyday. Have also contributed to it. Programming <2 yrs. Have empathy for beginners.

Mike Bishop

Principal founder of The Able Few, a rails development shop in St. louis MO. Been working with rails since the first release.

Mike Chlipala

I'm volunteering with Hungry Academy - looking forward to helping out1

Mike SIlvis

I am currently in Hungry Academy, and have a good bit of experience in Rails.

moises zaragoza

I have been using rails for just over a year and i want to be able to give something back

moises zaragoza is usually available:
Mondays 7pm - 10pm
Tuesdays 7pm - 10pm
Wednesdays 7pm - 10pm
Saturdays 12pm - 6pm
Sundays 12pm - 6pm
times are (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Nathan Colgate

Been running my own rails shop in beautiful San Diego full-time since 2006. I've made every rails mistake in the book.

Nick Zadrozny

In addition to 5+ years of full-time freelancing with Rails, I'm an expert in full-text search with Solr, and the co-founder of websolr.com.

Nisarg Shah

Volunteer from Hungry Academy.

Rafael Cardoso

A ton of experience with ruby and rails. I also teach a free Rails class for the sdruby user group.

Ramon Brooker

used RoR since 11/05; offer a course via Cont.Ed. Ottawa, CND; helping troubleshoot makes me sharper, and gives back, win-win

Richard Schneeman

I write Ruby for Heroku and teach Rails as an Adjunct Professor for the University of Texas. Give me your tasty rails problems. Omnomnom

Rob Di Marco

I love Chap Ambrose. And I have worked with Rails for 4 years.

Rob Sterner

Front/back-end Rails dev. in Boston working on the hottest thing since hott became a word at Brightcove.

Ryan Hubbard

I have a lot of patience with beginners... because I am one.

Scott Magee

Scott has attended a beginning rails class and is eager to learn more.

Shay Frendt

I've been working with ruby since 2007, and have loved every minute of it. I've been at Relevance since 2009 shipping production rails software.

shyam mohan kanojia

I know both rails 2 and rails 3 + from 0 to deployment.

Steve Enzer

I've been building Rails apps since before version 1.0, including some pretty sophisticated sites.

Trek Glowacki

Rubyist since 2004, Rails worker since 2005, Rails instructor since 2006. I want people to understand the elegant patterns underlying Rails as a tool rather than than specific code you type to use these patterns. It's very teach-a-man-to-fish.

Trotter Cashion

I've been working with Ruby/Rails since 2005. I contributed to the first edition of The Rails Way. Run a consulting company called Mashion.

Wes Garrison

We love Ruby at @databasically in Kansas City helping clients all over the world.

Weston Platter

Spent significant time working with Rails Engines. Love helping explain concepts to beginners and tackling advanced issues.

Weston Platter is usually available:
Saturdays 12pm - 4pm
times are (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Will Bradley

Reasonably comfortable with Ruby and Rails, quite experienced with web technologies including PHP, C#, Javascript/HTML/CSS. I can help with most beginner questions.

Will Bradley is usually available:
Saturdays 5pm - 10pm
Sundays 5pm - 10pm
times are (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Zeke Sikelianos

I've been working with ruby in a professional capacity since 2007. I'm a cool cat.